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New Jersey Music Talk

The Armpit Of America

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This Community Is All talking about the music scene in NJ and the surrounding areas...
a match like memory, a moment too soon, a sense of belonging, a true story, all rights reserved, allstar otis, amber brown vision, american nightmare, armor for sleep, backup jackson, basner, batter up, bayside, beautiful disaster, blink 182, bon jovi, broken hero, catch 22, cents less, chasing the yellow line, coheed and cambria, cost of living, dead everything, dead letters, denver in dallas, destroy the plot, district six, dont look down, dont smack sally, early november, escape engine, failed attempt, fairmont, far from bliss, flat earth society, flowers and cops, folly, from start to finish, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, ghost of a tragedy, give up the ghost, green day, hidden in plain view, hollow road, hometown heros, hopes fall, idiot proof, jerk chicken, kid go home, kunckle sandwich, last perfect thing, last picked, linkin park, mad hatter, madison, maverick, miasmics, midtown, modesty panel, murder one, no such luck, not for resale, on three, one cool guy, pallas athena, paulson, red skies, riding bikes, runaway orange, saves the day, senses fail, shady view terrace, something to remember, speak easy, stafford, state unfair, stick figure suicide, story of the year, streetlight manifesto, strength in numbers, taking back sunday, the art party, the bank robbers, the banner, the better world, the let down, the pennyroyals, the reunion show, the ruse, the sleeping, the youth ahead, thursday, tokyo rose, too short notice, trapt, twenty one pennies, waiting for mingus, waste of space